Perc Brazil *Instant Coffee Packs*

Perc Instant Specialty Coffee

5 Packs per Box (each pack = 1 Cup)

Components: Brazil
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Smooth / Mellow

5 Instant Coffee Sachets

Perc is located in Savannah, Georgia

From Perc

Dudes, this ain’t your grandma’s Instant – this here is top-notch Instant Craft Coffee! So whether you’re in a bed or a tent, in a plane or on a train, in a box, or with a fox - these handy dandy packets make a beautiful dang cup of coffee. Just add 8-10oz of water and enjoy. Our insanely awesome Instant is processed in collaboration with our best buds at Swift Cup Coffee. So give it a try and prepare to have your mind blown!

  • $21.00