Phil & Sebastian Ecuador Ximena Leon Sidra & Typica *Washed + Anaerobic Natural Espresso*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Grape / Gin Botanicals / Hibiscus
Process: Washed + Anaerobic Natural
Varieties: Sidra / Typica
Roast Date: July 8
300g / 10.85oz 

Phil & Sebastian is located in Calgary, Alberta

From Phil & Sebastian

Ximena’s farm is called Finca La Marquesa, and it’s located in the Loja region in the south of Ecuador. They grow Typica Mejorado, SL-28 and Sidra. This coffee is a blend from Ximena’s washed Sidra with an anaerobic natural Typica Mejorado. The Sidra brings hibiscus juiciness and panela sweetness. The natural processed typica mejorado brings grape sweetness and hints of a gin-like botanical booziness. The result is a super interesting balanced fruity coffee.

I couldn’t tell you about Ximena’s coffee without mentioning her son, Hubert. I first met Hubert in 2022 when I was in Ecuador judging the Taza Dorada competition. Hubert was one of the judges, so we spent a lot of time tasting together and chatting coffee. Towards the end of the trip, Hubert mentioned that his mom has a farm and he’s helped her make many changes to improve quality. I tasted the coffee and instantly felt there was a good fit.

Hubert is an energetic and passionate coffee guy. He is a cupper, a roaster, and a coffee shop operator – he has a beautiful café in the town of Loja. Hubert is a patriot and is hell bent on showing the rest of the world just how good Ecuador coffee is.

I’ve been following Ecuador coffees for years, and 2023 was the first year working in Ecuador. Super exciting. I was truly blown away by how good the coffees in Ecuador are. The growing conditions are great, and the varieties planted are pretty awesome too. Finally, I was impressed by many of the producers’ willingness to learn and improve. Watch out, coffee world! Ecuador is coming for you!

On to the varieties. Sidra (also known as Bourbon Sidra) and Typica Mejorado are somewhat mysterious varieties. There seems to be some evidence linking both varieties to pure Ethiopia Heirlooms, but the true lineage of the varieties is a topic of hot debates in Ecuador. Everyone agrees on one thing though: these varieties are Ecuadorian! They’re most widely planted in Ecuador and they are highly sought after by the coffee world due to their exciting cup profile.

Thanks Ximena and Hubert for trusting us with your coffee!

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