Phil & Sebastian Ethiopia Danche *FIlter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Peach / Jasmine / Black Tea
Process: Washed
Varieties: Kurume & Dega
Roast Date:  September 4
300g / 10.5oz

Phil & Sebastian is located in Calgary, Alberta

From Phil & Sebastian

Danche (full name: Danche, Chelbessa) is tucked high up the hillside in a remote corner of the Gedeb district. I first set eyes on it in 2019, and immediately had great expectations for coffee off that hill. Due to its high elevation, it only serves a small area, as famers typically favour walking down to a washing station and not up (can you blame them!). Serving the really tight area is lucky for us, because we get to taste the special coffee of this small area. Most washing stations collect cherries from 10 or more neighbours, but this one collects from just three: Kubi, Sisota, Sike, and it has just 386 member farmers, which is less than half of its sister washing station just called Chelbessa.

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