Phil & Sebastian Ethiopia Lalesa Gedeb *Instant Coffee Packs*

Phil & Sebastian 6-Pack Instant Coffee

Each Pack = 1 coffee

From Phil & Sebastian: 

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use boiling hot water when making this coffee, as it flattens the flavour. We recommend 175°F / 80°C for best results, but we’ve found that many temperatures work well, as long as it’s well below boiling. Just add hot-ish water and stir well, it’s that easy! 

We're super excited about this instant coffee! Not only is the Lalesa from Ethiopia a superb coffee, but this instant is made with an amazing new partner: Hasty Coffee (@hastycoffeecompany). Hasty Coffee was founded by brother duo: Ben & Josh McGaghey, and as it turns out, Ben is a Phil & Sebastian Alumnus.  

Make no mistake though, our decision to use Hasty was based on objective, blind assessments of all the instant coffee producers around, and Hasty's quality and consistency bested them all. 

Additionally, Phil visited their factory to work with them on water chemistry (as he does 😉), to squeeze out even more flavour and complexity from this coffee. 

We'll gladly put this head-to-head with any roaster's instant coffee, worldwide!

  • $23.00