Prodigal Colombia San Gabriel SL-28 *Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Peach / Apple Cider / Butterscotch
Process: Washed
Varieties: SL-28
Roast Date: March 18

Prodigal is located in Colorado

From Prodigal

This beautiful San Gabriel SL-28 is deeply packed with peach, apple cider, and butterscotch.

Maria Rodriguez is the heart of Farm Betenia. She inherited the land from her parents and is a third-generation coffee producer. The coffee plants under her care thrive under a canopy of guamo, cachimbo, orange, and avocado trees, creating a biodiverse ecosystem.

These cherries fermented and depulped in tanks for 72 hours. The coffee was washed and sorted by hand before drying for 22-27 days. One of the farms notable practices is the use of a modified roof that can be opened or closed, enabling Maria to regulate airflow and maintain temperature stability. 

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