Rogue Wave Ethiopia Haro Wato *Natural Filter + Espresso*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Strawbery / Cherry / Red Grape / Lemon Curd / Peach
Process: Natural
Varieties: Ethiopia Landraces
Roast Date: September 1
340g / 12oz 

Rogue Wave is located in Edmonton, Alberta.

From Rogue Wave

Established in 2015, the KB Wet Mill is located in the Haro Wato
Village of the Uraga district. The wet mill is surrounded by various
small holder farmers who solely own 1-2 hectares.

The wet mill is owned and run by Kebere Negash, a native of Uraga who
through the years have a combined experience of 8 years in the coffee wet mill.
Kebere has built schools as well as constructed roads in Uraga.

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