Rogue Wave Ethiopia Dumerso *Ultra Low Oxygen Natural Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Blueberry / Marmalade / Apricot / Papaya / Raspberry / Floral
Process: Natural
Varieties: Wolisho & Dega
Roast Date: September 1

Rogue Wave is located in Edmonton, Alberta.

From Rogue Wave

This amazing lot comes from the women-owned and run Dumerso washing station in Yirgacheffe. For this process only the highest density cherries are selected and placed in a controlled environment with ultralow oxygen infiltration. This results in an juicy and thick viscosity that emphasized sweetness.

The 700 small family farms contribute coffee to the Dumerso washing station in Ethiopia's Yirgacheffe region. Led by the sister team Hirut and Mahder Birhanu, this complex operation provides employment for nearly 400 people in the local community, including many women.

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