Rogue Wave Ethiopia Udotu Guji *Natural Filter / Espresso*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Mango / Blueberry / Plum / Jasmine
Process: Natural
Varieties: 741112 / Kurume / Wolisho
Roast Date: May 2

From Rogue Wave:

Approximately 486 smallholder farmers from the surrounding area bring their cherries to the washing station, where coffees are accepted or rejected based on quality and then sorted by hand before pulping. Like in most of Ethiopia, growers in the Kercha district are smallholders, aka “garden farmers,” so called because most of them are producing coffee in the “garden” areas around their homes, and often harvesting cherries from coffee occurring naturally on the land where they live. Farm sizes tend to be between .5 to 2 hectares in size on average, though occasionally can reach upwards of 10 hectares. The average yearly yield in green coffee from the smaller farms is around 2 to 4 bags.

Teferi Alemu Station, built in 2008, is situated at nearly 1950 MASL, where farmers have shown a high level of understanding in coffee production and harvesting. It is one of the larger washing stations in the area, processing nearly 3,000,000 kg of red cherries—more than 20 containers of finished coffee a year! Teferi Alemu processes both natural and washed coffees, and of that large volume, 80% is specialty grade. As the cherries begin to ripen in October, producers begin picking and transporting their ripe cherries. It is not unusual to see them carried in baskets or bags on their own shoulders, or loaded on a donkey or even by handcart. Terferi Alemu has 12 hectares of coffee land himself, and of course processes cherries from his farm at the washing station as well.

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