Sightglass Blueboon *Instant Coffee Packs*

Sightglass Instant Specialty Coffee 

6 Packs per box (each pack = 1 cup)

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate / Mandarin / Honeysuckle

Sightglass is located in San Francisco, California

From Sightglass: 

Sightglass everywhere. Swift Coffee helped us fit a delicious cup into a teensy, tiny, transportable package. Just rip, add hot water, and stir for a perfect cup anywhere on earth. No tools required! (Unless you consider an empty cup to be a tool.) Each package includes six single servings.

Here’s Swift Cup’s description of their process:

We start with high quality, ethically sourced coffee then using a proprietary process, we carefully brew the coffee before slowly dehydrating the coffee through freeze drying. The resulting solubles are preserved in time and ready for you to enjoy a great cup of coffee anywhere, just add water!

Best Practices / Brewing Instructions

As we tasted swift cup’s product (of both their roasts and ours) we found that there are some “best practices” to produce the best cup. While our swift cup can be enjoyed both hot or cold, our specific instructions for brewing hot are as follows:

- Brew in 8-10oz of hot water

- The best taste is found between 130-170 degrees

  • $24.00