Stumptown Hairbender *Espresso*

Components: Latin America + Indonesia + Africa
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate / Citrus / Raisin
Roast Date: November 10
340g / 12oz

From Stumptown:

Hair Bender takes its name from a long-shuttered beauty parlor that was home to the first Stumptown cafe. It was the initial blend founder Duane Sorenson introduced and the recipe hasn’t changed. To this day, we have the original Hair Bender sign hanging in our headquarters, watching over as we roast.

The clarity and complexity in Hair Bender comes from Indonesia’s rich textures, balanced by the classic flavors of Latin America and Africa. It’s the go-to espresso in all of our cafes and an all-around great cup of coffee.

Stumptown is based out of Portland, Oregon.

  • $22.00