Traffic Honduras Pompilio Archila Ramos *Filter*


Roaster's Tasting Notes: S'mores / Juniper
Process: Washed
Varieties: Pacas / Paraneima / IHCafe
Roast Date: April 30

Traffic is located in Montreal, Quebec

From Traffic

There is so much to say about our time in Honduras. It’s definitely not going to fit in one post but, we’ll try to make a handful and show the unimaginable beauty that juxtaposes the hardships of everyday like for the majority of Hondurans. Being ushered into their home country @benjaminpaz & his brother Fidel, and into the homes of so many great coffee farmers…breaking bread (or rather, tortillas ; ) ) hearing their stories & aspirations was both humbling & inspiring. Pompilio, upon meeting him, had this energy…like an aura of stoic strength & wisdom. There was something almost mystical about his gaze & the way he stood midst the trees, leaning on his walking stick. You can tell he’s a man of immense thought, passion, & devotion. It’s these things that pulled us in & ultimately made it impossible to not to commit to his coffee. The design for this one is so much fun. Fidel & Jesse played a couple games of pool at a neighbours outdoor “pool hall” of sorts, way up in the mountains, before being invited in for an incredible lunch of Tamales & tamarindo juice. It was such an awesome experience. Pompilio hopes you enjoy his first offering with us, as do we.

  • $25.00