Traffic Kenya Narok *Natural Filter*

Roaster's Tasting Notes: Marshmallow / Grape Jelly / Cotton Candy
Process: Natural
Varieties: Batian
Roast Date: August 22


Traffic is located in Montreal, Quebec

From Traffic

This menu newbie is a late 2022 lot of Marok Estate Kenyan Natural. A Kenyan natural isn't very common, & although it's from 2022 harvest, we think it still tastes pretty nice & wanted to give everyone the chance to try this one. Kenyans are usually very expensive which is why we discounted this one seeing as it's a 2022 harvest. This year, we may not get it back due to some hiccups in communication, but definitely look out for it in the future as it's one we want to keep around. Sipping this one is kind of like walking through the brush somewhere in eastern Canada & smelling wild tea leaves, boysenberries and other small red and dark purple fruits on the bushes....lilacs. It's soft & sweet. Perfect stuff to wake up to.


  • $24.00