Traffic Milkshake *Washed + Natural Espresso*

Components: Kenya Kiambu + Ethiopia Sidama 
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Upside Down Pineapple Cake / Peach / Raspberry
Process: Wahead + Natural
Roast Date: January 30

Traffic is located in Montreal, Quebec

From Traffic

This is a little something we threw together for those that crave a very fruit forward coffee aimed at espresso extractions. Although this is a super limited run, it may come back into the menu over the course of the year. For now, it's here. Hit it early & often for daily maximum milkshake motivation.

Made with coffees we'd serve as Single Origins, as usual, this blend is of the utmost quality. It's something we do differently here at Traffic. Blends are only made with coffees that score high on their own, no "blender" items here.

We recommend larger shots, so, a larger ratio of dry to wet.

EXAMPLE: 17g ground coffee = 42.5-45g of espresso (in 29-31 seconds)

(This is a 1:2.5-2.75 ratio)


  • $24.50