Verve 'Vancouver Decaf' *Instant Coffee Packs

Verve Vancouver: Decaf Specialty Instant Coffee

6 Packs per box (Each pack = 1 cup)

Components: Colombia + Uganda
Roaster's Tasting Notes: Almond / Cola / Honey
Process: Washed
6 Sachets
From Verve

A deep-rooted sweetness of caramel is layered on top of a honey-like mouthfeel, Vancouver Decaf is loaded with decadent chocolate notes.

 Amazing things come in tiny packages. Verve Craft Instant Coffee is hand-roasted, small-batch brewed, and preserved for your adventures. Ready to be brewed wherever and whenever. A week’s worth of premium coffee in your pocket.

 Add one packet of Verve Craft Instant Coffee into your mug along with 10 ounces of hot or cold liquid (water, milk, or milk alternative), stir, and drink up.

 Makes 6 cups of coffee

Verve is located in Santa Cruz, California

  • $23.50